20230103: John Brazzale @ NUMO Advisor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 03, 2023

It is our honor and distinct pleasure to have John Brazzale join us as our Advisor for Investor Relations, Capital Growth and ESG (Governance) Initiatives as we meander and navigate the waters of enabling future businesses & technologies and create smart and connected products.

John’s focus has been in developing leaders and driving innovation, change and operational performance to deliver sustainable growth and financial results while minimizing risks across a range of business sectors globally.

John “thinks like a shareholder and customer, a mindset critical to growing and retaining business” and has a storied background in the fintech domain and in advisory capacities for several startups.

“As we move into our next phase of operations, John will advise us on our interactions with investors, venture capitals, strategic partners and banks, and help ensure that due diligence is accounted on both sides as we negotiate the terms and conditions to appropriate the necessary finances needed to accomplish our goals.

John joins our illustrious team with whom we counsel as we evolve our business practices to progress with speed and to achieve our objectives.

We believe that the background and the wealth of knowledge and experience our advisors bring will help us grow with meaningful purpose as we pivot to Industry and Services 5.0 to build smart and connected products with human-centric qualities and define new concepts in Intelligence and Cybernetics. Welcome John.”

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical



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