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The following whitepapers collectively explore the potential of cybernetic data engineering and the use of our process automation platform in various applications, from military technology, smart manufacturing to urban development. They also touch upon the need for greater transparency and accountability in AI and machine learning systems.

Cybernetic Data Engineering

  • A TAPESTRY FOR COMPUTATIONAL CYBERNETICS – Our seminal whitepaper that defines data schemas to manage complexity from known to unknowns by classifying information into 5 addressable types for an intelligent multi-modal approach to data engineering.
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    • Full Whitepaper
  • THE FIFTH ORDER OF CYBERNETICS – Our addition to the existing four laws of cybernetics to include contextual, rational and evolutionary traits in observer-observed relations between man and machine. This is a prelude to what we call Existential Intelligence (EI) that will be the cognitive driver for future AI beings – earthlings, spacelings and starlings.
  • ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Our construct beyond Generative AI to utilize the cybernetic framework and the fifth order to define that is less brittle and more pragmatic accounted by multi-modal interactions to convert meaning to motion.
  • EXPLAINABLE AI AND ACCOUNTABLE ML – Leverage our foundation model to depict the nuances (the why) behind AI outcomes and what parameters were used to train the model during ML. Explainable AI and Accountable ML will accelerate and accommodate our progression to human-centric solutions for Industry and Services 5.0.

Utilizing the Digital Twine Reference Architecture:

  • OPERATIONAL DIGITAL TWINE (ODT) – A two-part project for remote additive manufacturing under austere conditions and enabling wellbeing of warfighters. (DoD MII Proposal).
  • INTEROPERABLE DIGITAL TWINE FRAMEWORK (ITDF) – A composition to manage upstream, midstream and downstream engineering activities related to re-engineering of existing machinery parts and utilizing composite materials. (DoD DIU Proposal)
  • CONNECTED FACTORY DIGITAL TWINE (CFDT) – A testbed to showcase the end-to-end manufacturing process including provisioning, commissioning and mobilization. (MxD Modernization Proposal)
  • SMART CITY CONNECT FRAMEWORK (SCCF) – An intelligent platform for city planning endeavors, infrastructure re-builds and transportation optimization to enable the composition of connected services for urban settings wherein we are building the horizontal services to connect the vertical domains of:
    • Renewal Energy
    • Electric Mobility, and
    • Green Infrastructure

This is part of the Build Back Better (BBB) funding that Chicago has procured for such transformations.

NI+IN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

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