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2023 Chicago Venture Summit FOCT Startup Portfolio Promotion Package

We are excited to share that we’ve been selected for the Official Chicago Venture Summit Future-of-Climate-Tech Startup Portfolio! 🤩

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) thesis is the provisioning of automation and services that are process driven, intelligent, scalable, resilient and sustainable. Our goal in smart infrastructure enablement is to build the horizontal services to connect the vertical domains of:

  1. Renewable Resources
  2. Electric Mobility, and 
  3. Green Infrastructure

This would be part of the Build Back Better (BBB) funding that cities like Chicago have procured for large scale infrastructure transformations and the creation of future smart cities. It would also enable us to exploit adjacencies (parallel domains) thus creating a circularity for offerings matching with the theme that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The diagram below portrays services enabled in a smart city by creating intelligent and connected networks for enabling the different constituent needs of the city.


We take a three-pronged approach to solutioning:

  1. Our process automation platform (Mantra M5) enables the coordination of activities using data engineering and actionable intelligence,
  2. Our proto lab where we ideate, iterate and showcase the art of the possible coupled with the science and math of engineering, and
  3. Our smart and connected products and services enable end-users to avail of the solutions.

This is depicted in what our ESG and Financial advisor John Brazzale defines as the inverted triangle shown depicted below:


The process platform serves to not only connect the dots between different systems and provide for a technical backbone but also enables to justify and validate the business case for the transformation initiative by looking at it top down from financial, resiliency and sustainability considerations. Here is an info-graph of its composition that is rooted in our four tenets – innovation, automation, integration and enactment of actionable intelligence:


Utilizing our reference architecture called the Digital Twine, we have created a blueprint for a Chicago Digital Twin that is a combination of a physical 3D printed architectural model whose baseplate is a city map and a digital interface to enable interactive services. This would facilitate dynamic introspection of real time and historical data gathered from monitoring stations, weather gauges and other communication channels. Augmented (AR/VR) views of locations will then make possible various planning and enablement activities like green zoning, infrastructure rebuilds and transportation routing.

Here is the connected framework we have created for Smart City Connect depictions:


Depicted below is a 3D printed landscape of the city of Chicago.


We have created such depictions in larger formats to enable AR/VR introspections to display aggregated information of different scenarios that would be helpful for collaborative planning activities utilizing real time and historical information.

Linked Solutioning is our strategy of developing key partnerships and coordinating solutions with government organizations, established platform providers and cutting-edge tools companies. For smart infrastructure provisioning we have divided our relationships into four quadrants as shown below:


Represented below is our strategy chess board of collaboration depicting the companies, organizations, and schools that we are partnering to enable the Smart City Connect framework and evolve our connected ecosystem for planning and infrastructure commissioning.


The organizations on the bottom left are related to Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development for whom we are proposing the City Digital Twin platform.

As we work on new projects, we will add to this list of providers to add value to our future ecosystem’s needs.

To facilitate electric mobility, we are also in the process of building smart and connected products like:

  • the folding helmet with applications for urban travel, biking, construction, industrial and wellcare that would have a small form factor to facilitate shipping, handling and ease of use. These helmets are also embedded with sensors to provide for smart monitoring capabilities.
  • thin mobility products like e-bikes, e-scooters and autonomous robots (for infrastructure and industrial applications) that would also reduce congestion.

These follow our CONNECT-DETECT-PROTECT protocol to enable safety, guided help, operational optimization and real time warning and alert for customers using our solutions.

Depicted below is the smart folding helmet created using Additive Manufacturing principles by following our “Born not Built” theme:


Our smart and connected products will serve to prove and improve our process management platform and serve to improve the ecosystem as it progresses in maturity, enables circularity and reuse of materials and technology and builds resiliency into the infrastructure.

Please review and click on the details in the reference section below for more details.

We can’t wait to interface with fellow innovators and industry leaders at the event. 🤝

Event Details:

About Us

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)’s premise is to solve the hard problem of automation using a blend of people, process and technology unified to provide the basis for innovation, optimization, and harmonization in product development, industrial processes, infrastructure (re)builds, transportation enhancements, smart wearables and electric mobility products.

Our company specializes in process automation and is dedicated to revolutionizing the product launch process for businesses. We offer user-friendly, comprehensive tools to facilitate process automation, enabling companies to seamlessly transition to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Founded in Chicago, IL in 2021, NUMO is a company whose vision is to utilize intelligent techniques to build smart, connected, and sustainable products by pushing the edges of engineering, technology, data management, AI, and cybernetics.

Our forays and associations @mHUB and @MxD, and the strong community and partners they bring are an integral part of our movement as a company that will define the tomorrows in our progression as a civilization, provide for harmonious interactions, sustain our planet and enable exploration of the stars.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist



  • Cities are big and central part of the solve for climate Tech – Garry Cooper , keynote and MC.
  • Need for one green ecosystem remains paramount for Chicago and all its 77 neighborhoods- Michael Fassnacht
  • Solutions can and must intersect to provide for a more sustainable and equitable city, state and world. The future is already begun….- @brandon johnson mayor chicago
  • Renewals are most amenable/susceptible to innovation. Clean tech is different from high tech. In high tech you quickly revolutionize with disruption. Clean tech is an evolution and it’s not Facebook, it’s slow. Collaboration is very important Michael Polsky Invenergy LLC
  • Chicago is the best big city that combines the skyline with the shoreline of Michigan lake – Alaina Harkness @current
  • This is a primordial relationship (Canada + US) talking about the collaboration between the two counties during the devastating wildfires that ravaged Canada and created smoggy conditions for cities in the US including Chicago – Syed Sameer Ahmed
  • What gets measured gets done. Startups are going to have a rippling effect for bringing about the change that is needed – Shaloo Garg Microsoft for Startups
  • Going thru winter in Chicago makes you tougher – Christopher McClure on moving here from the South
  • Our progession in industrialization has given us comfort and great amenities but HAS LEFT OUR ATMOSPHERE, BIOSPHERE AND HYDROSPHERE AILING – Haven Allen mHUB
  • We believe in our entrepreneurs – Abin Kuriakose

Thank you Billy Ndizeye Kayla Cate and Abin Kuriakose for inviting Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)


Chicago Venture Summit 2023 Future-of-Climate-Tech in Review:

  • 800+ registered startups, innovators, & investors.
  • Nearly 500 unique corporates, financial firms, startups, universities, & other entities.
  • 10+ countries represented including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and more.
  • Showcased 149 startups in our official Chicago Venture Summit startup portfolio.
  • More than half of the startup portfolio led by founders of color.
  • TechRise Chicago startup pitch competition, exclusive for diverse & female founders.
  • Keynote by Invenergy which just announced their global headquarters expansion in Chicago.
  • Panels included: Future-of-Startups, Future-of-Markets, Future-of-Industry, & Future-of-the-Chicagoland-Investment-Alliance.
  • Startup spotlights led by local investors & founders: Evergreen Climate Innovations and NuMat TechnologiesStemloop and Argonne National LabsCurrentKazadi Enterprises and mHUBBurro.ai and S2G VenturesKadeya and 1871, and HData and Hyde Park Venture Partners.
  • Thank you to our 40 unique sponsors, which include presenting sponsors: CBRE, Crowe, ComEd, UL Solutions, J.P. Morgan, Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, Current, Microsoft, Evergreen Climate Innovations, mHUB, 1871, Energize Capital, S2G Ventures, Verizon, & Shapack Partners.
  • Partnership with REUSO to eliminate disposable food and beverage containers.
  • Chicago Climate Tech Week events amplified by TechChicago.
  • Fifth Chicago Venture Summit at 167 Green Street by World Business Chicago board member Shapack Partners, in the city’s Fulton Market District.
  • 300+ guests for our official Summit 2023 Opening Receptions, with VIP Reception presented by CBRE, Sterling Bay, GET Cities and Illinois Science and Technology Coalition.
  • 300+ guests for our official Summit 2023 Closing Reception.
  • 100+ founders and investors for our first-ever Startup & VC Day on Friday, October 6 at TeamWorking by TechNexus.
  • Hosted launch of Chicagoland Climate Investment Alliance by Governor’s Office and Chicago Mayor’s Office.
  • Release of Chicagoland’s Green Economy addition of the Chicago Business Bulletin by the World Business Chicago Research Center.

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