Hidden beneath the waves of chaos is a tapestry of synchronicity. Our challenge is to ride the waves of chaos with purpose, trust, and agility allowing everything in its time to unfold and harmonize. Just like the mythical Phoenix, which rises from the ashes of its own destruction, we will use times of crisis as an opportunity to invent ourselves and emerge stronger and more resilient in the end.This section summarizes all our automation use-cases from brown-field, green-field and blue-sky initiatives. It will include industry specific blueprints used to accelerate the implementation of automation solutions.The blueprints for each of the use cases will be dynamically composed based on the Digital TwineTM reference architecture, be asserted on using our other tenets:

  • MANTHANTM for themed innovation, and
  • The Tendril ConnectorTM for systems integration
  • The TAU Codex TransformerTM for actionable intelligence

and composed in our Mantra M5TM platform that facilitates the make, manage, move, market and maintain activities.

All of the sections in this chapter are password protected and are available on a need to know basis only based on our partnership status and other defined relationships.

UC00 – Beyond Digital Transformations
UC01 – Omni-channel  Marketplace
UC02 – Lift-and-shift ERP to cloud
UC03 – Predictive Forecasting
UC04 – Smart Product Innovation
UC06 – Life sciences and Health Care
UC07 – Balanced Supply Chain
UC08 – Intelligent Design Guidance
UC09 – Frictionless Connected Commerce
UC10 – Product Value Chain
UC11 – Customer Centricity
UC12 – Security, Governance and Compliance
UC13 – New Product Development
UC14 – Loyalty Management
UC15 – Predictive Maintenance
UC16 – Technical Data as a Service
UC17 – Enhancing OT
UC18 – Manufacturing Optimization

NI+IN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

ChatGPT Summarization:

It seems like the first paragraph is discussing the idea that amidst chaos and uncertainty, it is important to remain purposeful, trusting, and agile in order to allow things to unfold and harmonize in their own time. The metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is used to suggest that times of crisis can be used as opportunities to reinvent and emerge stronger.

The second paragraph discusses the use of industry-specific blueprints and a reference architecture to accelerate the implementation of automation solutions in various use cases, including existing systems and potential future initiatives. The solutions will be composed using a platform called Mantra M5TM.

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