This part showcases our outcomes. It includes proposals and projects that we have replied to and/or are actively doing, our funding and revenue streams. It will also have partnerships that we have forged with our partner base.This part of our Book of Business will deal with the projects we are undertaking and the general traction we are building in the industry to enable process automation. It will start with our theming of the proto factory, our microfactory where we will prototype and small batch manufacture our mobility based products that will be customized – a theme that we call custom manufactory. 

The near-term goal for NUMO is to showcase the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing by creating such products as the folding helmet. We are in a technology Showcase at MxD a DoD funded org in the Chicagoland area on Dec 13 where a lot of aerospace companies and defense contractors are going to be there. There could be a way that they could have your printers showcased to teams and events that happen there on a daily basis. Markforged already has their printers there and so do several other 3D print companies.

The long-term goal for NUMO is to automate processes and also build such unique products and there will be need for us to invest in technologies and jointly collaborate with our partners.


NI+IN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

ChatGPT summarization:
Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) is a company that focuses on the integration of digital and physical technology through its Digital Twine reference architecture. NUMO works with various partners, including Nvidia, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, 10xICME, OpenAI, Microsoft, and others, to develop and deploy solutions that meet the needs of their clients and drive business value. NUMO is currently working on prototypes and small batch manufacturing of customized mobility products using additive manufacturing, and has a long-term goal of automating processes and creating unique products through investments in technology and collaboration with partners.

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