At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), our goal is the full realization of the potential of digital and physical melding utilizing our Digital Twine reference architecture for process automation. Our collaboration with 

  • Nvidia’s Omiverse platform for 3D orchestration
  • Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Simcenter (simulation tools from MSC Software), 10xICME for Materials management,  and the Nexus platform
  • OpenAI GPT3 and other Codex tools
  • Microsoft for their cloud provisioning (Azure), process management (Dynamics) and BI tools (Power)

and others bring a diverse set of capabilities to our efforts.  These resources enable us to more effectively develop and deploy solutions that meet the needs of our and drive business value.

Utilizing their toolsets will help virtualize the process platform for our clients. This will enable them to be proactive in research, product development and manufacturing activities by help building AI driven expert systems that have the correct basis for surrogate data for training using multi-physics-based simulation information.

This part of our Book of Business will deal with our exact collaborations with our partners.




NI+IN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

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