20230725 – Introducing the Mantra M5 Platform


It is our pleasure to announce that we have formulated the basis of our process automation platform – the Mantra M5.

Mantra M5 is a cutting-edge solution that aims to bridge the gap between the connected digital world and physical assets by embracing the concepts of Web3 and the Metaverse. With a focus on human-centric solutions and Industry 5.0 principles, the platform seeks to create a shared virtual world where individuals’ identities, relationships, and assets are represented by digital avatars, enabling a more dynamic and visceral experience. It enables make, manage, move, market and maintain activities, the five Ms, using an AI based operations layer sitting on top of NVIDIA Omniverse.

Central to the success of the Mantra M5 platform is the coordination between people, processes, and technology. The platform will enable new ways of virtually interacting with the physical world, unlocking innovative opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Throughout this transformative journey, privacy and personalization remain paramount, ensuring that the connected world remains a safe and personalized space.

Here is an info-graph of its composition that is rooted in our four tenets – innovation, automation, integration and enactment of actionable intelligence:


The diagram below shows the competitive landscape of similar platforms and a matrix of their capabilities:


Represented below is our Market Analysis for our play with some of the larger platforms:


A dynamic representation of all the interacting elements and how we plan to utilize the NVidia Omniverse is depicted below:


Linked Solutioning – a partnership model will be the basis of evolving Mantra M5 where we will collaborate with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0, IoT and smart services providers to integrate with their toolsets and provide for a holistic solution.

We have already utilized tenets of the platform in proposing, composing and/or detailing the following use cases:

  • Complete definition of a smart helmet and its variations to be used in different domains using Additive Manufacturing technology. Utilizing our Innovation design philosophy, we created a unique design pattern to account for different foldability modes, and then using design thinking, simulation and systems engineering, we created appropriate prototypes that were amenable for manufacturability. Arduino Nicla sensors encased in them will provide for Smart Monitoring capabilities using our CONNECT-DETECT-PROTECT protocol. This will be the basis for our solutions in the mobility realm spanning micro-mobility (automated robots, e-bikes), macro-mobility (transit vans, RVs) and hyper-mobility (drones and eVTOLs).
  • Proposal of an MLOps strategy for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) that manages IoT data in three layers – Edge, Fog and Cloud. Here we worked on the appropriate cadence of data transfer from devices to edge services, the coordinating fog layer and then to the cloud wherein AI/ML implications could be ascertained.
  • Proposal for a DoD project for remote manufacturing in an austere location using the Digital Twine reference architecture and 3D Printing technologies. This was to enable production of parts that are cut off from supply chain and logistics of  business as usual scenarios.
  • Proposal for a DIU project for end-to-end composite framework that included reverse engineering of parts, engineering simulation and additive manufacturing technologies. This enabled developing of our integration protocol to provide for a holistic product management outcome.
  • Proposal for revamping a test bed at MxD to showcase connected factory operations – provisioning, commissioning and mobilization – to be built modularly using Digital Twin, cobots, vision technologies and automated roving vehicles. The goal here was to account for needs of small and medium manufacturers by utilizing a partner ecosystem to blueprint brownfield, greenfield and blue sky initiatives.
  • Proposal for a Build Back Better funded initiative from the City of Chicago to enable infrastructure rebuilds, green initiative, smart city protocols and sustainable future provisioning. Here with we have started with different scaled 3D printed architectural models of downtown Chicago that we will be introspecting with AR/VR technology coupled with real time and historical data to represent different facets for monitoring, planning, exploring circular economy commerce models, and providing for avenues for betterment and smart services.

As you can see, we have been utilizing the Mantra M5 platform for a diverse set of projects and large initiatives..

NUMO_BorromeanKnotNUMO_Mantra_M5_logo The Borromean Knot, depicted alongside, for us @NUMO signifies the coupling between the different aspects of our business to coordinate and harmonize our processes. It is a depiction for our theme of Everything Connected. Henceforth, it will be the icon for our Mantra M5 platform.The Borromean Knot is composed of three mutually interlocked rings. It is named after the Italian Renaissance family who used them on their coat of arms. No two rings are linked, so if any one of the rings is cut, all three rings fall apart. The beauty and subtlety of the 3 Borromean rings is that each pair are unlinked but the triple holds together. For the Mantra M5, we will repesent the links as triangular wedges as represented alongside.

The Mantra M5 platform represents a step forward in embracing the potential of the Metaverse and Web3 technologies to create a connected, personalized, and dynamic future. Through the platform’s focus on Industry 5.0 principles, mass customization, and human-centric solutions, it seeks to enable a world where the virtual and physical realms are seamlessly integrated for the benefit of individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

We would like to thank the following Chicagoland area organizations for providing us with the avenues for such a development: mHUB MxD, @Daley School for Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing, 1871World Business Chicago3Degrees and several startups that are part of the ecosystem here.

Stay tuned for more details on this and our forays with engineering and technology, and beyond.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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