Synopsis of the Mantra M5 Platform


“Everyone wants to innovate. No one wants to change. Innovation without Execution is only Ideation”

– Garry Lyons

The progression of an enterprise needs the correct understanding of invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business savviness. Over the years of working in the Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing and the CPG domains, we have assimilated a series of tenets and best practices that enable the themed creation of products and services. Innovating and automating solutions in the new, entails perfect coordination between upstream product development with midstream manufacturing processes and downstream marketing, selling and clienteling (support & service) operations.

At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), We are in the business of building a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) ecosystem to coordinate enterprise processes. The tenets detailed in this part of our Everything Connected book of business are our driving principles to engineer the systems necessary to meet human needs in a complex technological world. This will account our progression in the industrial revolution – to Industry and Services 5.0 – where the needs for neuromorphic computing (very large, distributed cloud computing with intelligence) will merge with the physicality (mechanics and physics) in ways not imagined.

Our methodology will merge Strategic Intent with Design Thinking and Systems Engineering. It will utilize Emergent Technologies to put forth a curated novel approach to planning and defining multi-faceted products and services that are smart, functional, adaptable, and connected that will be the fundamental basis for solutions of the future.


Our core tenets enable us to create customizable and human-centric products and solutions that are sustainable and resilient.

These are:

  1. INNOVATE – MANTHANTM to IMAGINE-DESIGN-CREATE – A Design Philosophy for Innovation that combines modernistic design concepts with Strategic Intent, Story Telling, Design Thinking and Systems Engineering to enable ideation and the creation of intentional prototypes driven by customer expectations. It will also account for the governance and change management of the product lifecycle thru design iterations, design for manufacturing, and for it eventually becoming a sellable product.
  2. AUTOMATE – DIGITAL TWINETM to COMPOSE-BLUEPRINT – A Reference Architecture for the Enterprise that combines Digital Threads (the process) with Digital Twins (the virtual manifestation of the physical product or interface). This helps map out a dynamic blueprint for managing the end-to-end ecosystem and the product lifecycle. It details the collaboration between the different enterprise systems and the interactions with external services to enable real time pull-and-push of appropriate information and their meaningful interpretation.
  3. INTEGRATE – TENDRIL TECHNOLOGYTM to CONNECT-COORDINATE – A robust Protocol for Integrations that combines human-machine, system-to-system, and third-party web-service interactions to enable north-south API gateways and microservices and east-west service mesh integrations with IoT and Smart Devices, Edge Servers, connected devices, and Big Data constructs.
  4. ENACT – TAU CODEX TRANSFORMERTM to ORCHESTRATE-EMPOWER – The next progression in Artificial Intelligence to prevent brittleness in current trained narrow domain AI methods. It will integrate communication and coordination for actionable intelligence utilizing multi-modal OpenAI GPT-3 and DALL-E trained Neural Nets, DeepMind, and other Cognitive Toolkits.

To this endeavor, we are building an integrated ecosystem to enable definition, development, and deploying environments. Built on top of Nvidia’s Omniverse, it would enable Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain (the 5 Ms) products and solutions.

Called Mantra M5, it will enable the effective composition of all the elements of the Metaverse.




The development of our tenets will follow our themed strategic progression that we have laid out in the following chart:



“Intel inside” is the label on most PCs that ran using the Intel chips It was a guarantee of quality and of the ubiquitous use of their processors. The phrase eventually became synonymous with the company’s brand. Similarly, Numorpho’s goal is to power automation to enable ubiquitous communication and process enhancements in different domains.To accomplish this, we will be leveraging our partnerships with:

  • NVIDIA utilizing their HPC, AI and Omniverse tools and their platform of CPUs, GPUs and DPUs.
  • Hexagon using their MSC/Software simulation tools, Manufacturing Intelligence and ICME for materials management and metrology
  • Microsoft for their cloud provisioning: Azure, Dynamics, Power and Cognitive toolkits
  • PTC for their platforms to create models (Onshape, Creo), manage product data (Windchill), IoT (ThingWorx), virtual environments (Vuforia) and their interactions (Kepware).
  • Nokia to utilize their forays in 5G and installing edge services for public and private networks.
  • OpenAI for their NLP based GPT-3 engine and DALL-E for text-based image rendering.
  • Cockroach Labs for their serverless DB for high-speed data management.
  • Markforged for their advances in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing conforming to our theme “Born not Built”.

NUMO is a member at both mHUB and MxD organizations based out of the Chicagoland area. We started our journey @mHUB in the heart of Chicago, a place that makes innovation and hardtech happen – where start-ups collaborate with experts, academia, and investors to bring to focus smart engineering in the new paradigm for a forever connected world.  We will also be collaborating with our partners that have a presence @MxD, the design for manufacturing organization that transforms ideation into reality by enabling the deployment of smart solutions at scale. We plan to leverage both institutions and their legacies of cultivating communities of collaboration and connectivity between innovators, entrepreneurs, platform providers and manufacturers in our solutioning process.


Numorpho’s premise is digital automation, and we are constructing an ecosystem that will manage digital threads and digital twins in a cyber-physical environment to achieve optimization and harmonization in all process related activities.

NUMOs builds self-assembling, self-replicating processes. It is a modular system in which parts fit like puzzle pieces. There are many parts in this machine, and they all must fit correctly and work together in order for it to run. The small components look similar, but when assembled together, are able to form shapes that create a dynamic environment and experience. This in essence is the basis for self-replication in Non-linear dynamics and the theory of chaos, and the fundamentals behind Gestalt.

We are a customer and business-focused company, providing a continuum of integrated solutions for innovation, manufacturing, and customer enablement in the new. We believe our culture is the catalyst for our success. It drives who we are and how we do business. Utilizing the above tenets combined with digital technologies, cloud provisioning, big data and analytics, and AI/ML for actionable intelligence, we plan to harmonize next generation systems to be a smart, connected, and scalable ecosystem.

NI+IN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

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