2020725: Concept Designs should be Purposeful

WHAT THE FF? was a critical blog written by me when Faraday Future, an EV company that still exists came out with their concept car, this
The importance of design in innovation cannot be underestimated. But there needs to be a correspondence with product development and manufacturability – a sort of fluidity that Franz von Holzhausen at Tesla and his prior designs at @Mazda assert that makes every concept a candidate for production. Here is makes a case for a join between design and manufacturing.
The progression of an enterprise needs the correct understanding of invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business savviness. Voice of the customer is key and it is necessary to adopt a customer centric view to all intentions.

At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we start by setting a strong basis for innovation by defining a design philosophy called MANTHANTM that steps through the Imagine-Design-Create process to turn concepts to realities with basis.

MANTHANTM helps build a connected ecosystem of people, processes and platforms that enables collaboration, co-creation and ideation. Thus, the process to make, manage, move, market and maintain will be themed and pragmatic to build smart and connected solutions of the future.
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