20220911 – Controlling Super Intelligence

In reviewing an article on how researchers say that it would be impossible to control a Super Intelligent AI, Lisa Gus posits:

Be careful what you wish for: as #AI becomes more advanced, algorithms designed to keep it under our control may simply not be feasible.

Based on Alan Turing’s musings on the Halting Problem (https://lnkd.in/eWTZ-ZDj), it seems that the unpredictable nature of #artificialintelligence makes it impossible to predict future behaviors – a barrier standing in the way of protecting critical infrastructure from Skynet-like takeover.

Not saying this is the way things are going to roll (and neither is the linked article), but being ready with an effective counterweight to an AI-driven world will be critical. After all, with general AI development being the forefront of #technology these days, and general learning models already learning some inexplainable skills, it’s not a far-fetched vision to see these powerful algorithms running everything from credit scoring to job placement to military strategy.

Better to have a failsafe. You know, just in case we’re not smart enough to keep up anymore…


Most of our apprehension with AI is driven because of ominous SF movies. There is no reason why machines should have the same inhibitions as life. Plus, we are just scratching the surface of what intelligence really means.

“Data usage does not equal data mindset. Putting data on the map is a big journey of understanding the ramifications and consequences of its veracity and use especially in training AI networks” said Vanessa Eriksson, the Chief Data Officer at Zenseact. “Our AI Edge Labs is not just collecting responses but also looking at swarm learning and federated learning to understand how data can be correctly assessed for use”.

At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we plan to have a graded ascension to utilizing intelligence by appropriate data usage. We will be using a multi-modal basis (looking at multiple perception information) to coordinate a holistic approach to actionable intelligence using our Tau Codex Orchestrator. This will define the convergence of engineering and data science to enable autonomous operations.

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