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 is the world’s first open platform for thought leaders to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise. Organizations and agencies use its tools for finding and working with the world’s top thought leaders as well as cultivating and managing their own internal experts.

Its unique, patent-pending algorithm looks across a person’s entire “collected works” – across many roles as an academic, author, entrepreneur/inventor, influencer and/or public speaker. It looks at both the quantity and quality of the person’s thought leadership in terms of audience and impact.

As we build the basis for Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we want to be thought leaders, influencers and subject matter experts in pertinent emerging technologies so that we can enable a coordinated progression for change and of building the new.

Here are some of my Thought Leader rankings at Thinkers 360
This is a dynamc list and I will be updating my profile on a regular basis to include more domains of expertise as we chart the course for NUMO.
I thank Thinker’s 360 for including me in their esteemed list of Thought Leaders from around the world.
ABOUT THINKERS 360 RANKINGSThinkers360 is the world’s largest and premier marketplace for thought leaders and influencers. Brands use it to hire the world’s foremost experts as well as amplify their own executives, employee advocates and insights!

They focus on cutting edge business, technology and sustainability topics including:

5G, Agile, AI, Analytics, AR/VR, Autonomous Vehicles, Big Data, Blockchain, Business Continuity, Business Strategy, Change Management, Climate Change, Cloud, COVID-19, CRM, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cryptocurrency, Culture, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Cybersecurity, Data Center, Design Thinking, DevOps, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, Diversity & Inclusion, EdTech, Emerging Technology, Entrepreneurship, ERP, FinTech, GovTech, Health & Safety, Health & Wellness, HealthTech, HR, Innovation, InsurTech, IoT, Leadership, Lean Startup, Legal & IP, Management, Marketing, Mental Health, Mergers & Acquisitions, Metaverse, Mobility, Open Innovation, Predictive Analytics, Privacy, Procurement, Project Management, PropTech, Public Relations, Quantum Computing, Renewable Energy, Retail, Risk Management, RPA, Sales, Security, Smart Cities, Social, SportsTech, Startups, Supply Chain and Sustainability.

Thinkers360 delivers a continuous system of record for thought leadership allowing us to communicate each of our expertise and ideas to like-minded and positive professionals. Based on our publications, articles, and blogs we will be charting our progression monthly to see where we stand as thought leaders and influencers in next generation technologies.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO &



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