20221005: The Scaling Imperative for Industry 4.0

Imagining the future requires intense planning. In today’s world we need to link and intertwine heterogeneous systems, make them interoperable, aggregate data and provide pertinent information at the right time and the right place with flexibility and ease of use. In this latest issue in its Insights newsletter, McKinsey & Company reiterates the need for companies to keep up with Global Lighthouse Network (GLN) organizations that continue to light the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution stating that it is now beyond hype and hope.

According to McKinsey, Lighthouses showcase a playbook for industry transformation. By including more than 150 use cases and 1500 benchmarks, they show how sustainability and workforce engagement can accelerate and scale Fourth Industrial Revolution transformation — responsibly.

At Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we have embarked on a similar transformation journey by categorizing initiatives as brown-field, green-field, and blue-sky to correctly articulate the needs for change via a robust reference architecture called the Digital Twine supported by a themed composition for innovation, a robust protocol for integration, and a multi-modal basis for actionable intelligence. These coordinate together to enact automation that is not only harmonized and optimized but also would provide for a contextual and relational basis for execution of strategies and appropriate actionable outcomes.

In Chapter 3 of our Everything Connected book of business, we detail our tenets to enable innovation, smart manufacturing, systems integration and customer enablement utilizing emerging technologies – Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, AI and ML, Digital Thread and Digital Twin, Spatial Computing (AR/VR/XR), and Distributed Ledger, and collaborating with marquee partners to make, manage, move, market and maintain solutions of the future.

To paraphrase McKinsey – the chapters ahead are sure to be no less demanding and no less exciting – and our intention is to write these compositions and be the leader in such forays. We also want to cater to the future – of more human-centric interactions in the next (r)evolution – Industry and Services 5.0.

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