20230107: Our Everything Connected Book of Business is online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 07, 2023

“What is black and white and re(a)d all over?” is the riddle posed to Ed Nygma the master riddler in the HBO series Gotham, a prequel to the Batman. Due to prior unfortunate circumstances, the Riddler seems to have lost his mojo and does not know the answer to the question. The answer is “The newspaper” which might be a true case today too, due to us being more reliant on the digital news rather than a printed hard copy!

Here is our thesis in black and white – a no fluff, just stuff rendering of our way of doing business at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems. We call it our “Everything Connected” Book of Business. It shows our basis, methodology and way to do things to enable proactive and automated process management for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Another yesteryears movie called Johnny Dangerously starring Michael Keaton, who would later on become Batman, has the morning paper being delivered to the corner newsstand in every one of the beginning of its 3 parts wherein everytime this old guy gets hit on the head by the newspaper stack and falls down. The first time he gets up he cries “ I can’t see! I can’t see!”, the second time it hits him it’s “I can’t hear. I can’t see and now I can’t hear”, and the third time is “Wow, I can see and I can hear. But who am I?”. (See clip below)

Similarly, we have divided our thesis themes into 3 parts so that it has a pattern for readability and helps explain our construct more easily. Of course as we progress thru our metamorphosis, we will be answering the more esoteric question of our being especially when we are conjoint with artificial intelligence. It will also attest to the need for a multi-modal (multi perception) basis for actionable intelligence.

We welcome you to our site. Please peruse thru our chapters and connect with us if you find us intriguing. We will be doing amazing things are looking for the right team, partners (some of whom we are already working with), collaborators and investors to trip the light fantastic.

I would like to thank our Advisory Board for going to the contents in detail over the past few weeks, to Zach Sapita from mHUB and Alex Ocampo for helping me make the site pixel perfect.

Our Momentum is Amplified!

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical


Here are the 3 clips from the movie Johnny Dangerously:


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