20221121: @Daley College AMx

We have successfully completed the program for Advanced Manufacturing Experience (AMx cohort 3) conducted by 3Degrees at the Richard Daley Advanced Manufacturing Center, part of the City Colleges of Chicago.

The course involved hands on training on #3dprinting fundamentals, #additivemanufacturing  technology,  the utilization of a multitude of machines in the Maker room and outside.

Our project for this course consisted of prototyping the folding helmet for two variants

  1. the hoodie construct that retracts from front to back. Thank you Tyler Grudowski for helping with the CAD design on this armadillo shape
  2. the rotor construct that rotates from the top of the dome. Thank you Nathan Peckus for your first foray into #caddesign using parametric modeling in Solidworks.

We also had themed field visits and webinars with:

We would like to thank Mike Vasquez and , and David Girzadas for giving us a detailed tour of the Richard Daley facility, and our peers Nathan Peckus and Vera Carpenter. We learnt a lot and this will keep us in good stead as we progress with our solutions.

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) is planning to set up a smart manufacturing micro-factory in the Chicago-land area that will actually create the mobility solutions that we are developing, and also showcase the art of the possible coupled with the science of engineering for the future of advanced manufacturing.

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