20230209 – @mHUB NewSpace Chicago Event


In a sponsored event by NewSpace Chicago at mHUB, the panelists talked about research and monetizing space and here are some of the sound bites from the conversations:

  • Don’t worry about launching, Elon has that covered
  • Almost 10% of the sky is being clouded by satellites making it difficult for astronomers to gaze beyond. This is a problem when it comes to detecting smaller asteroids on an impact course to hit earth.
  • The (garbage) collection of old and non-functioning satellites is going to be key as more and more space junk accumulates in NEO.
  • Legalese concerning space matters is an important consideration as we become a space faring species.
  • Typical space related installations are in California, Texas or Florida. But here in Chicago, we are just as close to space as anywhere else. It’s up!

The Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) marketing asset production line at mHUB showcases our strategy chess board for electric mobility and transportation. Here, utilizing our Everything Connected metaphor, we will liaison with government agencies, GIS companies and space faring organizations to build a network of collaborating entities to firmly ground us and further humanity’s progression.

The chess pieces in this case are iconic Chicago skyscrapers attesting to our theme borrowed from Chicago’s legacy – Make No Little Plans. Our goal for this endeavor is to provide vertical integration (North-South microservices) and horizontal East-West API Gateways based collaboration to exploit adjacencies. This will enable circularity and growth as we as a nation invest in upgrading city infrastructure, the transportation grid and our forays into space.


This will also validate our products and services in the e-mobility sector for:

  • micro or personal active travel
  • macro for larger footprint ground transportation
  • hyper for urban air transport, near space and beyond

For a project proposed to be conducted in the International Space Station, we are devising a way to hook up with wayward satellites by using two drones. We will use advanced math (quaternions) and an AI based inference engine to understand dynamic motions and utilize blades/thrusters to safely couple and bring back the wayward drone/satellite/space debris.

Engineering/Technology is easy. Biology/Life is hard! It is difficult to fathom how we can move from the known-knowns of exact science to the unknowns when it comes to procreating life in space, especially in 0g, micro gravity and larger g force conditions. How can we overcome the frailty of life when it comes to mastering the expanse of space? But as Troy eloquently put it, we need to think and work outside the box – it is how we utilize engineering to progress our knowledge of biology to help enable such sustainments.

As David put it: My dream is to be mountain climbing when I am 150 years old. And by mountains, I mean the mountains on Mars!

Here is the full presentation of The Future of the Space Industry & Space in Chicago https://youtu.be/WxlkPL8CBF8

Stephen WaskoTroy MorrisDavid W. Hurst

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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