20230504: May the force and Cinco de Mayo for our Smart Helmet


Numorpho Cybernetic Systems, in partnership with Arduino, Inc, is transforming the traditional helmet by incorporating sensors into our foldable helmets.

NUMO_SmartHelmet This project, codenamed Project Tiramisu, aims to validate our company’s CONNECT-DETECT-PROTECT theme and make helmets smarter and safer for various use cases, including: 

  • Industrial usage for smart manufacturing (needs to be programed for specific sensory perceptions)
  • Recreational usage for safety during outdoor activities – biking, rollerblading etc.
  • Well care usage to detect and protect against falls and send alert notifications. For example, in nursing homes and well care locations.
  • First responder usage to detect gas, fire and other environmental hazards.
  • Military use to monitor wellbeing of the front-line personnel and for smart integration with field equipment.
  • Other – mines, construction etc.

We will be using different materials to build our helmets and even reinforcing them with Kevlar and Carbon fiber for certain use cases like military and first responder.

Our initial plan also includes the integration of Arduino’s Nicla family of sensors – Vision, Sense ME and Voice. More complex functions will be added later using Arduino’s Portenta and other sensor products.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical

About Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)

numo_v1_horizontal_full-color_drk-bkrd Founded in Chicago, IL in 2021, NUMO is a company whose vision is to utilize intelligent techniques to build smart, connected, and sustainable products by pushing the edges of engineering, technology, data management, AI, and cybernetics. We will be creating new ideation techniques, enabling Industry 4.0 (for smart connectivity and robotic automation), and adding to it the Industry and Services 5.0 (humancentric and sustainable products) framework for development, build and commercialization.

About Arduino

Arduino was born at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute as an easy tool for fast prototyping, aimed at students without a background in electronics and programming. As soon as it reached a wider community, the Arduino board started changing to adapt to new needs and challenges, differentiating its offer from simple 8-bit boards to products for IoT applications, wearable, 3D printing, and embedded environments. Arduino_Logo

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