20221001 – A Review of Tesla’s FSD Capability

Just got the Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta on my 2017 Tesla Model S and am training myself to “not panic” as she goes thru it’s motions of negotiating the drive. Left turns in particular are more stressful as you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the procedure to complete. This is where, the infamous Yoke steering wheel might be more beneficial than a regular full circle one.
Chicago has a lot of diagonal intersections and am not really convinced that the firmware is there to account for all the nuances. An example when it came to a complete stop in the middle of a very wide intersection at Elston and Ashland since the light turned red. Rainman anyone?

Albeit, Tesla has a large user base (to do the beta testing) and has been simulating and training their DOJO supercomputer, intelligence even a trivial pursuit like auto driving needs to be correctly ascertained to achieve the right result. As Tesla discovered, information speed is critical in making instantaneous decisions when they decided not to use Radar as a sensory input for FSD. I see the difference when I switch between the FSD and the AP modes! One of the nice things about Radar was driving in fog and rain, and the anticipation about sudden traffic stops if the car in front of you did not react to it.

What I would warn is: Be careful, be very very careful!

Another thing to consider is Safety Regulations and Liability. This is key in the long term viability of an AI based solution that directly impacts lives. These systems need to conform to existing rules and help define new rules when warranted.

As we, at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) progress with our own network to enable actionable intelligence to facilitate process automation, these will be lessons learned that we will incorporate into our methodologies to provide the next generation of AI/ML constructs that are robust and contextual, and less brittle than current systems.

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