20230320 – @NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023

NVIDIA GTC is the developer conference for the era of AI and the metaverse. It’s where students, developers, researchers, creators, IT decision-makers, and business leaders gather to learn how to shape our world with the power of AI, accelerated computing, data science, and more.
Omniverse GXF, Graph Composer, Deep Stream, Synthetic Data Generator, SIM Ready, Omniverse Replicator, Physx enabled, Pipeline.
Keynote – I am AI
Art of the possible of accelerated computing. The next geneation, a perfect setting for any story.
Full stack invention.
Speed up + Scale up
Deep Learning
Computational Lithography
AI Supercomputer
Omnivers is NVIdia’s collaboration and
MDL Physix based simulators
Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) Instant NGP
Differentiable Rendering
Latent Spaces/Embeddings
DeepSearch – search without tagging
Diffusion Models (like Dalle)
Isaac Gym
World Simulation and Digital Twins
Universal Scene Description is much more than just a file format. This open, powerful, easily extensible world composition framework has APIs for creating, editing, querying, rendering, simulating and collaboration within virtual worlds. NVIDIA continues to invest in helping evolve USD for workflows beyond Media & Entertainment – to enable the industrial metaverse and the next wave of AIs.
USD can become the HTML for the metaverse. Hydra from rendering to viewport. Path to standardization is via collective experimentation.
USD as the container of data. MaterialX referencing.
GLTF – glTF is a transmission format for 3D assets that is well suited to the web and mobile devices by removing data that is not important for efficient display of assets. USD is an interchange format that can be used for file editing in Digital Content Creation tools (ie. Maya).
Asset Portability Pixar Adobe Aurora project. Starting in M&E and progressing beyond.
Adobe is like the creaverse.
Asset Paths
Isaac Sim
The industrial automation space is in desperate need of better simulation tools, but most people interacting with automation are simulation and programming novices. This highlights the need for simulation software to be more accessible and no-code for this growing population. This training lab focuses on how to build simulation applications specifically for the automation market, using a novel set of extensions in Isaac Sim that speed up simulation authoring, and allow for programming the simulated cell’s behavior with a no-code interface. The lab will guide participants in building a simple automation-focused Omniverse Kit application — a sandbox for trying out different industrial grippers — that exemplifies the type of powerful, accessible simulation apps that can be built using Omniverse and these new tools.
Future Memories
Omnistream – stream into browsers.
Spaces by Aireal
NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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