20220712 – @MxD Digital Methodogy Frame (DMF) by Siemens

About this Workshop

The Digital Methodology Frame (DMF) that aids in rapid engineering design aligned with systems engineering principles. The framework supports a methodology that helps track dependencies between requirements, test cases and simulation models used in satisfying the requirements. In addition, product design and analysis tasks are expressed in common business process notation which are then conveniently used for task tracking, completion, and status checks.

The traceability between design and analysis artifacts within this collaborative DMF environment allows the users to study impacts of design changes before making a change. This traceability also allows users to search and retrieve valuable insights into the design and engineering decisions, enabling knowledge and asset reuse within the organization. In this workshop, the usage of this DMF is illustrated in the design of components used to repurpose a single ventilator for a dual patient use case.

Three workshops were held

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Methodology Framework (DMF)

Session 2: Application of DMF to the Ventilator Use Case

Session 3: Application of DMF to Performance Issue Analysis in the Ventilator Use Case


NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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