20221201: @Neuralink Show and Tell

“We are all already cyborgs in a sense today. Phones and computers are extensions of ourselves….. The ultimate goal of Neuralink is to create a generalized I/0 interface for the brain. In the short term it is to help folks with debilitating issues. In the long term it is to create a benevolent interface with AGI by real time interactions with the brain. Our neural implants will be inconspicuous and enable intelligent interactions as we have seen with our studies with monkey pong and other animals” Elon Musk at Neuralink’s Show and Tell, Fall 2022.

When we talk about Actionable Intelligence at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), it is the combination of mechanistic activities with intelligent enactments that will be orchestrated by mind-machine interactions similar to what Neuralink is doing, albeit for the enterprise. We will also be investigating on using the Neuralink interface to bring another dimensionality to dynamic interactions for managing processes beyond and supplementing our current Digital Twine (#digitalthreads + #digitaltwins) approach.

“Our goal would be to turn the lights on for somebody who has spent decades in the dark” said one of the chief neurologists at Neuralink. Similarly, our goal is to light the path for concerted process automation end-to-end from innovation, product development, smart manufacturing, sales and marketing, and aftermarket. Our Everything Connected theme is the basis of this endeavor to effectively harmonize and optimize activities in enterprises from information management to operations.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical



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