20220614 – A Perspective on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has all the momentum, but we still live in an on-premises world…..

A bit of business weekend humor: More than a decade ago the Indian Prime Minister visited the Bay area that is chockfull of Indian Entrepreneurs (called NRIs – Non-resident Indians). So they invited him and his entourage to a conference to showcase how they could make the Indian system smarter using Cloud technologies.

Called Digital India, the conference was meant to educate the Indian government team on the latest on-line technologies and how they could streamline the government functions and peoples management, especially when it comes to multiple languages, a single universal ID and enable on-line tax payments. So they are giving this spiel, and the Indian team is glued to every word, making notes…..

But there was this Information Minister sitting in the corner who is viewing all this skeptically. After the presentation he gets up and asks: “Its all great that you can do all this on the cloud but I have one question. You know in India we have 3 seasons and one of them is Monsoon. So what happens to this information in the cloud when it rains?”

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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