Additive Manufacturing for Space


Here is a perfect example where 3D printing provided a cheaper alternative for a robust solution to gauge temperature and plasma variations. This type of rapid prototyping process will even spur more innovation in satellite and spacecraft design.

“If you want to innovate, you need to be able to fail and afford the risk. Additive manufacturing is a very different way to make space hardware. I can make space hardware and if it fails, it doesn’t matter because I can make a new version very quickly and inexpensively, and really iterate on the design. It is an ideal sandbox for researchers.”

Companies like MarkforgedImpossible Objects , Nano Dimension and  are already defining new frontiers in Additive Manufacturing. We, at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) will be following their progression and utilizing their technologies to build smart and connected products and solutions.

Additive Manufacturing is key to our business thesis. Our philosophy “Born not Built” succinctly encapsulates it’s premise wherein we are morphing from the “destructive” tradition of subtractive manufacturing to creating products layer by layer.

Being embedded at mHUB and a partner of MxD enables us to innovate in additive technologies and be mindful of design for manufacturing and cybersecurity issues to build and scale or operations appropriately and in due course.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical


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