Biomimicry and Allometric Scaling


Engineering and Technology are easy, Biology and Life very hard.

Allometric scaling is the non-proportional relationship between energy metabolism and size of a living creature. An increase in size, during development or evolution, is typically accompanied by a less-than-proportional increase in energy requirements such that, when compared gram-for-gram, large animals burn less energy and require less food than small ones.

In this article, Professor White said the study showed that allometric scaling does not have to be a result of physical or geometric limits. Instead, natural selection, not physics, favors allometric scaling.

As we progress on our new basis for AI at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) – a concept we call Existential Intelligence (EI), wherein evolution and metamorphosis rather than just rigorous training will be the basis for learned intelligence, we will be looking at such criterion from nature to expand our basis for Actionable Intelligence. With EI we plan to build a better basis for intelligence by making it less brittle and more rational, contextual and pragmatic so that Actionable Intelligence can have the correct basis for corresponding by using evolution and metamorphosis rather than just rigorous training that is the hallmark of current AI/ML/DL.

Our philosophy of “Born not Built” for engineering products that are created rather than assembled using Additive Manufacturing and other Adaptive Engineering techniques that we are pioneering will add to our capabilities for actionable intelligence as we progress building compelling smart products and solutions.

Stay tuned to our next article on Biomimicry that will learn from nature and expand our forays in Additive Manufacturing by utilizing our theme “Born not Built” to learn and design products from living things by utilizing Biology and Life.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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