20230512 – @mHUB Crowdfunding Models & Strategies for Success


Ilan Cohen


8 years Crowdfunding, product Launch, B2B does not work

Funding Models

  1. Rewards based (Indiegogo kickstarter)
  2. Equity You set the terms rather than the VC. Give them common shares. REGCF (5 mil)  REG8 (40-50 mil)
  3. Donation-based (Go tuned me)
  4. P2P lending (Kiva)

Thing that people want and the people want that thing

Psychology of Crowdfunding

Dont want to back the campaign until it is already successful

Began in 2007

Prototype plus manufacturing at scale

Budget – allocate 20% of your goal

Platform will boost your effort by 30%

Conversion rate is 5%





NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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