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Rapid + TCT is North America’s largest and most influential additive manufacturing event which brings the industry’s top leaders and brightest minds together to share insight on the 3D technologies transforming manufacturing.Topics range from tips on optimizing processes, amazing and innovative applications, economic considerations and more…

We visited:

@Markforged showcased the PX100 from their acquisition Digital Metal. We plan to use their X3, X7 an X20 industrial grade printers to additively manufacture our folding helmets with infill consisting of at least 20 reinforced layers of continuous fiber Kevlar/Carbon Fiber/Fiber glass  based on the use case to enable it to withstand impact. The shell of the helmet will be their Onyx material , a mixture of nylon and carbon fiber.

@NTopology is headquartered in New York City, is a software company creating design and engineering solutions to support advanced manufacturing and automation initiatives. In an environment driven by data and physics, using the latest 3D modeling technology, creative restraints are removed and engineers can fully realize the benefits of advanced manufacturing techniques like additive manufacturing. nTopology products enable engineers to better define, represent, and lock down various engineering processes, digitally. When engineers have robust tools that efficiently integrate important data, they can accurately capture all their knowledge and repurpose it for tomorrow’s products.

nTopology’s breakthrough computational engineering environment seamlessly combines synthesized geometry and simulation results into finely tuned manufacturing models. This helps engineers create lightweight and optimized parts with their functional requirements built right in.

We plan to review their technology to optimize our designs for products in the mobility segment.

@Elementum3D’s mission is to energize the manufacturing industry towards AM adoption by offering advanced materials that can’t be found anywhere else.

Materials are the life blood of additive manufacturing (AM), and Elementum3D’s new high-performance materials and enhancing the properties of established AM materials.

Their patented RAM (reactive additive manufacturing) technology gives manufacturers access to significant performance benefits beyond the already mind-blowing benefits of additive manufacturing technology. RAM improves the performance of existing applications and makes it possible to produce new applications that were previously impossible. RAM synthesizes sub-micron ceramic reinforcements into alloy powders to print repeatable, cost effective, high-performance components.

Their first RAM breakthroughs were with aluminum, and now we have expanded to copper, nickel alloys, and steel alloys. They have also optimized the printability of non-RAM materials such as Invar, tantalum, rhenium, and more.

We plan to utilize their know how of Aluminum and other materials to create the frames for our smart e-bikes and other mobility solutions.

@3D Systems provides comprehensive products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, software, on-demand manufacturing services, and healthcare solutions.

3D Systems launched the 3D printing industry in 1986 and has been leading additive manufacturing innovation ever since. Their broad portfolio of hardware, software, and material solutions spans from plastics to metals, and is backed by industry-specific engineering expertise housed in their Applications Innovation Group. They take a consultative, application-focused approach to solving your most difficult design and production challenges.

Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with offices, manufacturing facilities, and Customer Innovation Centers around the globe, 3D Systems has the expertise and resources to advance industries.

@Oqton is a software company solving today’s manufacturing challenges by combining state-of-the-art AI, cloud, simulation, and the best in CADCAM technology for additive production, robotics, and 3D scanning.

Oqton accelerates intelligent manufacturing by providing comprehensive software solutions for additive production, 3D scanning, and robotic welding — helping industrial and healthcare organizations drive innovation and efficiency.

The company’s additive production software enables complete traceability and visibility across an organization, delivering AI-powered capabilities for image segmentation, additive design, build prep, MES, additive inspection, and simulation. Global manufacturers use Oqton software to automate robotic welding to increase productivity.

The company’s industry-leading Geomagic suite is the foundation of 3D scanning solutions for reverse engineering and inspection applications. Oqton is supported by partnerships with machine and scanner vendors, software partners, and ERP/CAD/PLM integrations.

We plan to review their Manufacturing Operating System to build the digital threads for commissioning production utilizing robotic process automation as part of utilizing our Digital Twin reference architecture for smart manufacturing.

@MHolland is a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resin, helping clients and suppliers with everything from sourcing and logistics solutions to strategic marketing channels.

They offer manufacturers the cross-industry knowledge, advice, and unbiased consultative expertise needed to compete in the ever-evolving world of 3D printing. Their 3D printing specialists can analyze your applications and assist in identifying the appropriate method, machinery, and material for each of your applications to help save you time, money, and labor.

From application development and machinery recommendations to training and part design, M. Holland has the right combination of proven experience, consultative expertise, and deep relationships to help vision of what’s next.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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