20230929 – @mHUB 2.0. We here!


At mHUB 2.0. We here!


“Even the best laid plans….” is a popular adaptation of a line from the poem “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns, written in 1785. The original line is, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley,” which translates to “often go awry” in modern English. So, after a bit of delay to complete the compliance and regulations of occupancy, mHUB 2.0 is finally open for business. We Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) are proud to be part of its ecosystem and excited about what our futures entail.


So, what does this mean for us…..

At mHUB 1.0, where we began our journey two years ago (March 2021), we have:

  • ideated and iterated on building a comprehensive platform for Industry 4.0,
  • learned to do Additive and Smart Manufacturing,
  • understood what it takes to transform to brownfield and greenfield production to enable the progression to Industry 4.0, and
  • aspired to do disruptive blue sky transformations.

We have been mentored by exceptional subject matter experts, worked with mHUBs sister organizations (MxD) and local schools and institutions (UChicago, UIC, Northwestern, IIT and Robert Daley School for Advanced Engineering), utilized the capabilities of our peer members and skilled contractors to build our products using the extensive tools in mHUB’s shop and started building our first 3D printed products – the smart helmet.

We plan to do a lot of good in two verticals – enabling automation and providing the basis for infrastructures development – and the next days, weeks and months will validate our intentions. We will also be creating some amazing products, some of which are already past prototype.

Our production intent helmet candidates for Industrial workers and WellCare got assembled on Day 1 at mHUB 2.0. These were created using our Outcome Based Adaptive Engineering methodology (OBAE) that is the core of our process automation platform Mantra 5.0. It includes parametric CAD modeling, generative design, CAE simulations, 3D printing and physical product testing. They are part of our portfolio of smart helmets that we have already created that includes variants for construction, fire fighters and biking. Embedded sensors in our products enable smart monitoring via our CONNECT-DETECT-PROTECT protocol for data engineering and analytics.

As we morph from working prototypes and production intent to scaled manufacturing, we will be working with our partners Würth Additive Group and Markforged to produce in volumes by coordinating with their partner ecosystem and other organizations to physically test and validate our helmets utilizing our collaborative method called Linked Solutioning. This will also begin our marketing strategy – what we called Connected Commerce where we will use novel approaches using AI, precise targeting, behavior analysis, personalization, augmented reality and smart connected services to promote our products with appropriate intent to distributors in the safety realm, B2B, B2C and Direct to Customer (D2C).

All of this is being made possible by our process automation platform – the Mantra M5 that steps thru innovation, automation, integration and enactment to orchestrate our themed products and solutions. We are incorporating a novel way for process management utilizing NLP based LLMs in conjunction with physmatics – physics and math modules to provide a solid basis for the whole process to provide for actionable intelligence to convert meaning to motion.

This platform will be built in conjunction with our partnerships with NVIDIA Omniverse, Engineering Solution providers like Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and PTC, cloud provisioning (Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services (AWS)Google GCP), and generative AI inference engines (OpenAI GPT, Meta Llama). It would help dynamically build a process flow based on intent and outcome and be configurable to any situation – be it high tech engineering, bio-med workflow, infrastructure compositions etc.

Our goal at mHUB 2.0 is to evolve our platform and prove and improve it by providing hard tech solutions – smart and connected products that would be gamechangers in their own right.

Somebody rightly said: Change improves the past, but transformation defines the future. We look forward to the tomorrows and to be able to provide actionable transformations to humanity’s progression as a civilization.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist



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