20221213: @MxD Technology Showcase

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) at MxD’s Technology Showcase and Factory Floor Day.
Albeit MxD’s premise is Cybersecurity, Supply chain and Smart manufacturing, the theme for yesterday’s showcase was interoperability.

“Interoperability is the ability of independent systems to exchange meaningful information and initiate actions from each other, in order to operate together for mutual benefit.” In their keynote address both, Berardino Baratta, CEO of MxD and Ricky Singh from Software AG stressed that for democratizing smart manufacturing, interoperability has to happen at the ecosystem level.

Siemens showcased several of their tools that helped solve pertinent use cases utilizing their toolsets for simulation, process management and integration. One of them was related to the CARES act where the developed a Digital Twin to showcase ventilator efficacy.

EY has a new shop floor that showed how they help their clients in smart manufacturing technologies. They also publish a newsletter called Chain Mail jointly with MxD on Supply Chain issues.

McKinsey & Company is working to have a floor space there too.

The Workshop session focused on how to address interoperability when dealing with data, design and delivery and what favors needed to be considered from a people, process and platform perspective, and specifically on how Small and Medium size Business (SMB) interact with their larger clients.

This was our first show where we presented our Mantra M5 architecture that will be built based on the NVIDIA Omniverse 3D management framework. M5 stands for Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain and consists of our innovation maturity model, process automation management, a robust protocol for integration, and a multi-modal basis for actionable intelligence.

We also showcased the first prototypes of the folding helmet (the hoodie and the rotor designs) built using Additive Manufacturing technologies concerted using Mantra M5. One set of prints was actually done at the MxD shop floor. Thank you Jacob Smith and Alex Velez for facilitating and printing these.

We thank MxD for the opportunity and really like the focused DoD funded Strategic Investment Projects (SIP) that it solicits on a regular basis and the three-tiered membership levels that enables interactions with the large companies, schools and universities, SMBs, Solution Providers and start-ups.

We at NUMO are committed to building the Industry 4.0 ecosystem’s Digital Twine (a combination of digital threads and digital twins) that intertwine and provide the basis for interoperability. Here diverse systems interact with each other within the enterprise or via 3rd party services to provide for the correct orchestration of people, process and platform interactions to provide for meaningful and actionable outcomes that are optimized and harmonized.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical



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