20220901 – Technology in the New Normal

McKinsey & Company view of the future in the 2030s extrapolates on the ramp up in digital transformations that were undertaken due to the COVID pandemic. The series of articles on the Next Normal explores technologies that will become commonplace in a few years that would need new innovation basis, cutting edge technologies and complete alignment to customer’s needs.
We at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) have already started building the basis for some of the evocative and provocative predictions articulated in the series. Our mobility solutions (micro, macro and hyper – yes air and space) would not only elevate transportation but also exploit adjacencies to provide for a circular economic model. Utilizing connectivity, new AI/ML techniques, AR/VR and other DARQ technologies we plan to be the leader to enable such metamorphosis by building a coordinated ecosystem for automation, infrastructure, health care, and customer experience.

Albeit the Metaverse & Web3 are just beginning to transform our realities with virtual incarnations of dynamic interactions , we plan to coordinate the build using our tenets to create a holistic platform for cybernetic interactions.

We are bullish about this envisioned future and will not only be the influencers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders, but also the developers, architects and engineers to make it happen.

For this we are leveraging our institutional relationships, our partnerships with platform providers like MicrosoftNVIDIA and others, engineering tool providers like Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, and our collaborations with innovation centers mHUB and MxD to enable creating of a seamless ecosystem.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist



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