20221229: Armadillo Helmet Testimonial

A product should sell itself. We at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) believe in creating products that consumers can be excited about and be the champions to market them. Here is our first product, the folding helmet and its unscripted testimonials. 

This folding helmet (Project Armadillo) and it’s variants, are the first of our series of products for the mobility segment to enable personal active travel in urban settings. Each variant will represent a different modality of folding and will be represented by the Roti, Pita, Hoodie (this) and the Rotor configurations. All of the designs follow a single universal principle of engineering design and will be customizable to the head form using scanning technologies.They will complement our other products, the e-scooter and the smart e-bike both of which will articulate to fold to a smaller form factor to enable usability and utilize state of the art technologies in terms of materials, electronic componentry and smart connectivity. This corresponds to our theme for narrow/micro mobility products and services to reduce the congestion on city streets.

These products represent our forays in Additive Manufacturing and will help prove and improve the process automation platform we are building to synthesize production and customer enablement in Industry 4.0.

Thank you mHUB for your ecosystem and helping foster our innovative spirit, MxD for printing this particular one in your Smart Manufacturing shop floor and City Colleges of Chicago-Richard J Daley College for helping iterate on the designs on a variety of your 3D printers.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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