NVidia Omniverse – An Introduction

Here is a wonderful introduction to the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform that steps thru almost all the domains we as Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) plan to be in.NVIDIA Omniverse is a cloud-native and multi-GPU-enabled platform that allows for scalable, remote collaboration with true real-time performance for teams working across geographies, apps, and systems. Omninverse has five core components: AI, Materials/MDL (Materials Definition Library), Path Tracing, Physics/VFX and USD- which is core to how it all works, and is a fundamental building block of how it all interacts and works.

Omniverse’s framework comprises layers of plugins and simulation tools, called ‘connectors’- plus a very very powerful real-time clustered rendering system. Not only does it enable creative 3D content pipelines (specifically VFX) to work at its optimal level, it can also enable 3D pipelines for AEC, Engineering, Manufacturing to all take full advantage of this new approach – which we feel is extremely powerful and a value proposition for all content creators.

USD (Universal Scene Description) is a framework for interchange of 3D computer graphics data, created by Pixar. The framework focuses on collaboration, non-destructive editing, and enabling multiple views and opinions about graphics data.

With the primary data now stored in USD format on centralized storage, teams can run numerous types of analysis and simulations within Omniverse on this data via USD native applications in one space. Artists and designers can all work simultaneously, in real-time, at the same time on interior assets or a scene in different locations geographically. Clients can sit in real-time creative sessions with artists to make alterations and changes to their designs/visions, make decisions and sign off on projects.

For instance, within Omniverse a 3ds Max user, a Revit user and a lighting artist can all work simultaneously, in real-time, on an interior asset or a scene in different locations geographically. Creative projects will be able to move much more quickly with artists being able to work this way, which ultimately will increase efficiency saving time and money.

Our goal is to enable innovation in the new, to build out an exacting process manager, to connect the dots in automation, and to build a human-centric basis for our technological progress. Using a blend of people, process and platforms, we plan to be prominent in the future of dynamic digital interactions with cyber-physical systems – be it industrial, infrastructure, transportation and/or mobility. Our smart products and connected services will serve to prove and improve the ecosystem we are building. As such, all of our solutions will conform to the same DNA so that all aspects of up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream activities are coordinated using digital threads and digital twins.

To this endeavor, we are building an integrated ecosystem to enable definition, development, and deploying environments. Built on top of Nvidia’s Omniverse, it would enable Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain (the 5 Ms) products and solutions. Called Mantra M5, it will enable the effective composition of all the elements of the Metaverse.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical



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