20220820 – Product Lifecycle Solutions in the New Paradigm

Andrew Sparrow writes: Enterprises are faced with an increasingly demanding and challenging global environment.

Today’s highly competitive marketplace demands that innovation be achieved faster and cheaper. To survive and win, manufacturers must be smarter in their delivery by making product design easier, shortening development cycles and reducing costs.

To be successful, your organization must manage its most valuable asset—information—and share it effectively among internal and external teams to design, engineer and manufacture new products.

Wholistic and digitalized Product Lifecycle solutions allow you to capture, share and reuse best practice information throughout your organization—from product design right through to the shop floor—so you can deliver a more innovative product faster and at a significantly lower cost. His full article on A Few Thoughts on Future PLM 4.0


In our progression we call it Adaptive Engineering where PLM has to merge/seamlessly integrate with a flexible ERP and other enterprise systems to provide for that holistic basis that Andrew describes in his article. This coupled with the curriculum based approach for innovation maturity using our MANTHAN philosophy will help mitigate the churn in prototype development (prototype purgatory), design for manufacturability and ensuring that the product meets its specifications. More details on Adaptive Engineering in our set of whitepapers under INTENTION.

Delivering Innovation for us at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) is not just about checking the box for Product Development but also following thru the entire lifecycle of the product – up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream to connect all the dots between the different systems and 3rd party services. This enables Design for Manufacturability considerations, appropriate procurement and supply-chain logistics, financial planning and customer enablement via themed marketing, sell and support. We use AI/ML driven by Physmatics to appropriately drive and manage processes intelligently and efficiently via our Digital Twine blueprint process.

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