20220527 – @Drexel-MxD D3AMP Final Presentation

Expanding on our Everything Connected theme and espousing the Born Not Built philosophy of Additive Manufacturing, we successfully partnered with Drexel University and mHUB startups (AION Prosthetics and Nana Arkorful) in prototyping our first product – a foldable safety helmet designed using our philosophy for innovation (Manthan) and 3D printing it to fulfill the requirements for D3-AMP.

In a themed curriculum, Drexel University partnered with MxD, the design for manufacturing institute to instill tenets of Additive Manufacturing via a DoD mandate to empower the workforce in smart manufacturing. Called D3-AMP, the Drexel Digital Design & Advanced Manufacturing Program is composed of three interconnected modules to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience:

  • Module 1 – a level setting online and asynchronous pre-program
  • Module 2 – an on-site or synchronous learning residency at the MxD
  • Module 3 – The D3-AMP concluded with a final project where participants work on their own products (e g company related), while being offered individualized and project specific consultation in a one-to-one basis.

The overall objective of the D3-AMP program is to take the participant on a tailorable/comprehensive digital design and continuing education curriculum which includes all stages from conceptualization to final product manufacturing which is devised to be inclusive of both collaborative and personalized experiences.

We thank Dr. Antonios Kontsos and his team at the Drexel TAMG, Michael Garamoni and team MxD for have facilitated the D3-AMP program, and for their out-of-the-box thinking approach to make this a very successful endeavor for us at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems.

We have learnt a lot and look forward to many such future collaborations to enable the future of engineering and technology as we progress in our forays with the Industrial Revolutions and advance as a civilization.

Let’s all band together to trip the light fantastic!

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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