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NitinUchil Nitin Uchil is a Strategic Thinker, Product Engineer, Enterprise Architect,  and Digital Transformer with 20+ years of experience in advanced technologies (aerospace & defense), product lifecycle management and knowledge-based engineering (automotive), business process redesign (manufacturing, telecom, compliance), ecommerce, analytics, data mining, front-end experience-driven design and digital architecture (retail, CPG, high-tech electronics, finance, insurance, food, media & entertainment and hospitality). More recently he has been creating a framework to enable the articulation of Big Data and Analytics using a themed, pragmatic, and structured methodology.

Currently as Founder, CEO and Technical Evangelist at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems, he is involved in theming the meld between the Physical and the Digital Realms and formulating the architecture for Industry 4.0, Industry and Services 5.0 and creating smart and connected products and services. Nitin has founded two successful companies (BDrive 2001, Mindware 1996), in past lives worked as a Principal Director at Accenture where he led Digital Transformations for Fortune 500 companies, and in the Aerospace and Automotive domains. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.



IV. Industry 4.0 & Process Automation: 2021 – current Technical Evangelist
Building the basis for new technologies by architecting an end-to-end ecosystem utilizing innovative methodologies, additive Manufacturing, and emergent technologies
  • Founder & CEO @ Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)

Verticals – PLM, ERP, Additive & Smart Manufacturing, IoT, RPA, AI/ML, AR/VR/XR, Distributed Ledger.
Founded in Chicago, IL in 2021, NUMO is a company whose vision is to utilize intelligent techniques to build smart, connected, and sustainable products by pushing the edges of engineering, technology, data management, AI and cybernetics. We start our journey @mHUB in the heart of Chicago, a place that makes innovation and hard tech happen – where start-ups collaborate with experts, schools, and investors to bring to focus smart engineering in the new paradigm for a forever connected world.

III. Digital Transformations: 2006-2020 Digital Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect responsible for enabling digital transformations encompassing ecommerce, marketing and customer experience utilizing tools from Adobe, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and customer data platforms (CDP).
  • Brand Elevation @ Acquity Group
  • Digital Transformation @ Accenture

Verticals – Retail, Manufacturing, CPG, Telecom, Banking, Finance, High-tech, Food Service, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Certifications, Safety, Health care, Insurance


Automotive & Manufacturing Case New Holland (CNHi), GM Media, GM SPO
Banking & Finance American Express, Bank of America, The Northern Trust, JPMC, Chase
Consumer Goods, Retail and Food Services Bose Corporation, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, Finish Line, Guitar Center, Kellogg’s, Libbey Glass, Kohler, Newell Rubbermaid, Niemen Marcus, Procter & Gamble, Pactiv/Reynolds,  Pepsico, Subway, Whole Foods
Hotel, Vacation & Entertainment E! Online, Marriott
Insurance, Medical & Life Sciences AMA, Allstate, Prudential, Sigma Aldrich, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters
Safety, Standards & Certification Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Telecom and Utilities AT&T, BC Hydro, ConEd
II. Information and Product Data Management : 1996-2006 – Founder of 2 companies and Engineering Consulting.
Responsible for architecting, building, managing and maintaining product life cycle management systems, knowlege bases and engineering attributes and building web enabled expert systems with analytics capabilities.
  • High-tech and IT Consultant at Ford Motor Company
  • IT Consultant at GM
  • Founded BDrive
  • Founded Mindware, Inc.

Primary Vertical – Automotive Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Web Enablement
Secondary Vertical – Health Information Management


Aerospace & Hi-Tech Engineering Garrett, GE, Textron Lycoming, Bose Corporation
Automotive & Manufacturing Ford, GM, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen
I. Engineering: 1980-1996 – Education and Initial Career as a Simulations Engineer
Developed High Tech software for simulations in the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) realms to enable computer aided engineering (CAE) analysis of aerospace and automotive products.
  • Sr. Engineer @ CD-adapco, now part of Siemens
  • Member of Technical Staff @ Universal Analytics now part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Grad studies – University of Oklahoma,
  • Undergrad Studies – IIT-Varanasi (BHU),

Verticals – Aerospace, Defense, Automotive


Aerospace & Hi-Tech Engineering Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin

Nitin’s Detailed CV

NI+IN UCHIL –  Founder, CEO and Technical Evangelist

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