20220715 – Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a service. In a prior post I had talked about e-Mobility and our forays in building products and services in micro-mobility, macro-mobility, and hyper-mobility. 

Here is an interesting article that details the market opportunity for mobility as a service. It is not just about building products to facilitate transportation and the creation of smart cities, but an intricate part of the solutioning is the orchestration of services and appropriate response constructs for support, maintenance, repair and recycling. All of these considerations need to be evaluated and assessed, else our advent into the next would be limited and quickly end up in non-starters.

Appropriate definition and use of technology and services is important so as not to over engineer aspects of the design and definition to manage urban mobility, and to increase quality of life for citizens. We have observed the impact of technology on mobility and have proposed an approach which advances not just technology, but innovation, design, art, and aesthetics. We propose a balanced approach, where technology advances and innovation and design advance in lock-step with one feeding from and using the other.

Here is an article on how e-bikes are being used by Amazon for delivery.

Our progression to build products and services in micro-mobility – personalized active transportation or as Michael Weiser calls it narrow mobility, macro-mobility (electric buses and RVs), and hyper-mobility (drones and eVTOLs) will be the basis for our master plan to enable smart manufacturing, process automation, infrastructure build, and future transportation.

Here is an article that looks at the electric bus market.

Here at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we are firmly committed in building our products and solutions in conjunction with the services that need to be instituted to connect, inform, enable and support the new transformation. Utilizing our themed design philosophy for innovation, process management framework, integration protocols, and orchestrating multi-modal intelligence, we plan to be the leader in such transformative efforts and build the baseline for our future endeavors as a civilization.

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