Porter’s 5 Forces

Porter’s 5 Forces  is a tool used to assess the competitive forces in the market based on the following criteria: 

  • Threat of New Entrants: There is a moderate threat of new entrants in the market. While there are barriers to entry, such as capital costs and access to distribution channels, the threat is not significant.
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers: The bargaining power of suppliers is low, as there are many suppliers in the market and they have limited ability to increase prices.
  • Bargaining Power of Buyers: The bargaining power of buyers is low, as there are many buyers in the market and they have limited ability to decrease prices.
  • Threat of Substitutes: The threat of substitutes is relatively low, as there are few alternatives to existing products and services.
  • Rivalry Among Existing Players: The rivalry among existing players is moderate, as there are many competitors in the market vying for customers.



NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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