2023 4Rev Awards Nomination – Rising Star Award V2

If you are nominating your own company/program, you will be required to provide all relevant information and answer a set of questions for the Fourth Revolution Awards judging panel to review. If you are nominating another company/program, you will be required to provide contact information for both you and your nominee.

In previous years, finalists for the Rising Star Award participated in a virtual Rising Star Pitch Competition ahead of the Fourth Revolution Awards to determine the award winner. This year, finalists will be required to attend the HardTech Summit in Chicago on March 23 to pitch in a LIVE Rising Star Pitch Competition. Please do not submit a nomination for your company if you are unable to participate in the live pitch competition.

Although our judges will review all nominations, priority will be given to those from and around the Midwestern region. Finalists for each category will be encouraged to attend the Industry Reception in Chicago on March 22 and the HardTech Summit the following day, where awards will be announced.

Describe the company or product.*

Company URL.* https://numorpho.org/

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (or “NUMO”) is a manufacturing process automation company. We are focused on transforming the way companies bring products to market and providing clear and concise tools to help them automate their processes and transition to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Give us your written elevator pitch.

“Make no little plans.” – Daniel Burnham

Daniel Burnham, the architect who redefined Chicago after the great fire of 1871, did not think small. In fact, he dreamed big and imagined a city that far exceeded the greatness that was lost. That is precisely what we are doing here at NUMO. We are taking what’s great from the past industrial revolutions and making it even greater, sustainable and resilient as we elevate to Industry 4.0 and move beyond to Industry and Services 5.0.

To aid manufacturers in their journey to the next evolution of industry, we started with our flagship product, Mantra M5 that embodies tenets of innovation, automation, integration and enactment. It is a PaaS product that takes decades of manufacturing and process automation expertise and compiles it into a usable platform. By leveraging our trademark five M’s of a product’s genesis – Make, Manage, Move, Market, Maintain – we help users progress step by step in an automated journey through every part of their product’s creation.

As proof of concept for Mantra M5’s incredible ability to help users create products, we ourselves created several products utilizing Mantra M5’s architecture. Most recently, we created the Armadillo Helmet, a foldable safety helmet that, beyond its vast civilian applications, is also currently under review with the Department of Defense for military applications. Beyond the Armadillo Helmet, our roadmap also includes generating products in the electric mobility space – an E-bike, as well as an RV and others as further proof-of-concept for Mantra M5.

Our products and services will thus serve to prove and improve the ecosystem. They will also contribute to increased resource efficiency and help to achieve circular economic models resulting in validation, speed, cost savings and collaborative solutions.

As you can likely see, we don’t make small plans here at NUMO. That is because when we look at the current state of manufacturing and product creation we are compelled to ask – “What kind of world do you want?”

Well, with our first products hitting the market and Mantra M5 soon coming out of development and into the full launch phase, we have the potential to completely change the way the world ideates and manufactures products. It will embolden creators to try new things where they might otherwise have hit barriers in Industry 3.0. The automation architectures embedded in Mantra M5 will afford creators essentially endless opportunities for next generation products and services.

A world with limitless potential for innovation…that’s the kind of world we want.

What is the company’s problem statement?*

Automation is hard. The manufacturing process involves the integration of disparate systems, old and new technologies, multiple different skill sets in the workforce and is often intimidating for many businesses. Building innovative products, custom producing them at scale, selling, marketing, supporting, and servicing them in today’s environment is harder still.

The sum of the issues we face is a combination of:

  • Cost – Equipment is expensive to replace and maintain.
  • Skills – Specialized expertise is in short supply.
  • Integration – Connecting disparate systems is difficult.
  • Safety – Implementing robotic processes is risky if not implemented correctly.

How much revenue has the company generated through sales of its product or service?* 

We are a startup and do not have any revenues currently. Our first goal is to ensure that our fundamentals are right and so we have been bootstrapping our development thus far. However, there are some key proposals that we have submitted with the Department of Defense and with the City of Chicago’s Climate Infrastructure plan and we plan to be revenue positive this year.

What is the company’s market potential?* 

Since NUMO is both in the platform and the products space:

For our Connected PaaS ecosystem:

  • The industry 4.0 market is projected to grow from USD 64.9 billion in 2021 to USD 165.5 billion by 2026; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.6% from 2021 to 2026 and also contribute to increased resource efficiency and and help to achieve circular economy models resulting in speed, cost savings and collaborative solutions. (See attached Market Analysis TAM/SAM/SOM chart)

For our products in the Electric Mobility:

  • The global e-bike market size is projected to grow to USD 70.0 billion by 2027 from USD 41.1 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 7.9%. We call this the Personal Active Transporation segment and this will be the first set of connected products and services we develop.
  • The North American recreational vehicle (RV) market is projected to grow from 26.7 billion in 2020 USD 35.7 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of about 5%.

How does the product or service impact society?* 

Imagine a world of easy and intelligent process automation for all manufacturers – less waste, less pollution, safer, and at the end of the day – a better product for the end consumer. That is exactly what NUMO provides. Ultimately, we help users get a better end product by optimizing the manufacturers that make that product.

How does the product or service impact the manufacturing sector?*

The manufacturing sector has been talking about Industry 4.0 and its capabilities for more than a decade. With our Mantra M5 platform, we are integrating the best of breed solutions with advanced analytics, AI, and AR/VR capabilities to make it human-centric. It will enable the next generation workforce to be safe, trained and at ease while working with cyber-physical elements of automated systems.

How does the company measure success? What performance metrics are used?* How many products have we helped to create? A well-supported answer could include: Revenue and growth; Number of individuals or communities impacted etc.

Our success criteria is complete customer enablement wherein our customers anticipate our services and products to market, like using them and its seamless on-line updates.

The economic benefits of creating a sustainable infrastructure are capitalizing on adjacencies, and utilizing and serving the community. These will be validated and further refined using our products and the two proposed projects underway – one for the department of defense to enable remote manufacturing and the other for the city of Chicago to enable their build back better initiative.

Taking part in the circular economy, moving away from the “take, make, dispose” systems is a necessary step towards sustainability and fighting climate change. We see access to opportunity as a fundamental human right and are committed to expanding opportunity in Chicago, the entire state of Illinois and beyond by promoting inclusive, equitable, and sustainable policies, and support the growth of neighborhood businesses by enabling adjacencies to flourish.

This matches with our vision for Industry and Services 5.0 to recognize the power of industry to achieve societal goals beyond jobs and growth, to become a resilient provider of prosperity by making production respect the boundaries of the planet and place the well-being of the human at the center of the process. It emphasizes on sustainability, human-centricity, and resilience along with all the tenets that defined Industry 4.0 and the revolutions prior to it. It moves focus from solely shareholder value to stakeholder enablement, for all concerned.

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