About Numorpho Cybernetic Systems

This site details Numorpho Cybernetic System’s Everything Connected Book of Business.

Herewith, in 6 parts detailing our Book of Business (BoB), we expand on our theme of Everything Connected and provide the basis for our existence as a company by summarizing our intentions, basis, and motivation:

  1. PURPOSEThis defines the basis of our existence, relate to elevator pitches, investor relations, maturity model and the core values we espouse.
  2. INTENTIONIn 42 chapters, this details our theme and go-forward plan to ascertain the technological underpinnings for our ecosystem and products. It will also serve as a precursor for our tenets and ground the basis for our progression. Summaries of these have already been published on LinkedIn
  3. TENETSThis part describes our methodology. This will be our differentiator – Intellectual Properties and Trade Secrets for defining innovation, process management, systems integration, and actionable intelligence. This will be based on our cybernetic platform and also be the basis for custom manufacturing.
  4. USE-CASESThis part summarizes all our automation use-cases from brown-field, green-field and blue-sky initiatives. It will include industry specific blueprints used to accelerate the implementation of automation solutions. The blueprints for each of the use cases will be dynamically composed based on the Digital TwineTM reference architecture, be asserted on using our other tenets, and composed in our Mantra M5 platform. This is our key differentiator in our foray for industry automation – how we dissect project initiatives into a dynamic representation of coordinating systems to enable process optimization and harmonization utilizing our Digital Twine reference architecture.
  5. PROGRESSIONThis part catalogs the development of our Ecosystem and the progression of our products based on a MVP cadence. It will reuse the use-case blueprints we created and make new ones, all adding to the connected metaphor that we follow.
  6. TRACTIONThis part showcases our outcomes. It includes proposals and projects that we have replied to and/or are actively doing, our funding and revenue streams. It will also have partnerships that we have forged with our partner base

The articles showcase and show cause to what we are doing to cater to the different constituencies. It includes our plans by providing the basis for designing, engineering, building, and maintaining our compositions.

The following will provide summarized extracts to our artifacts and our public relation communications to the different constituencies

  • DATA ROOMSecured access and Google Drive documents to pitch decks, cap tables and other investor relations documents.
  • PRESSCategorized headlines, news, events and other communication articles

This BoB will be an introduction to our company – its mission, capabilities, ambitions and overall philosophy and methodology in very brief practical terms for our would-be consumers, partners, and investors. It will also provide a marketing buzz for NUMO.

For ease of navigation this site is split into a horizontal navigation scheme that depicts the chapters of the book of business. These are Pages in WordPress that define the main subject matter under discussion.

Each chapter leads into sections (posts) that detail out the relevant topic. Some of the sections of the chapters are secured for access and deal with due diligence documents for our investor relations, intellectual properties, specific use cases, partnership collaborations and developer interactions, and available only on a need to know basis.


NITIN UCHIL – Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

Nitin is a Strategic Thinker, Product Engineer, Enterprise Architect, Technical Evangelist and Digital Transformer with 20+ years of experience in advanced technologies (aerospace & defense), product lifecycle management and knowledge-based engineering (automotive), business process redesign (manufacturing, telecom, compliance), ecommerce, analytics, data mining, front-end experience-driven design and digital architecture (retail, CPG, high-tech electronics, finance, insurance, food, media & entertainment and hospitality).

More recently he has been creating a framework to enable the articulation of Big Data and Analytics using a themed, pragmatic and structured methodology.

Currently as founder, CEO and Technical Evangelist at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems, he is involved in theming the meld between the Physical and the Digital Realms and formulating the architecture for Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 and creating smart and connected products and services.

Nitin has founded several successful companies, in past lives worked as a Principal Director in a large Consulting Company and in the Aerospace and Automotive domains. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.