Electronic Componentry for IoT and Embedded Systems

PREMISENUMO_IoTOur efforts to implement process automation for the development of Proto Factories, Connected Products & Services, and Digital Twins across multiple domains such as manufacturing, smart city enablement, and transportation, rely on the utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT enables effective monitoring and management of these initiatives and through our Digital Twine reference architecture, we plan to blueprint such initiatives.

To bring this physical and digital combination to fruition, we need to coordinate equipment, devices, sensors, edge servers, and big-data provisioning to ensure seamless data coordination. Certain data may be stored on mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi or other protocols, which require secure handling and real-time processing based on proximity and location.

In a series of whitepapers, we investigate the utilization of IoT in operational, digital and cyber-physical environments.

  1. Everything Sensored is our seminal introduction into the domain of sensors and electronic componentry. Starting with Making Sense of Sensors, we will detail the needs of the infrastructure components for IoT and the enabling of Industry 4.0 processes in what we call Actionable Intelligence.
  2. Sensor Providers lists the companies that we will be partnering with in this adventure. These include Arduino, Bosch Sensortec, Omron and Avnet.
  3. Our Manifesto for managing electronic componentry sets the guiding principles in our foray for automating processes:
      • Multimodal Sensing Capability
      • Appropriate Data Management
      • Needs Based Functionality
      • Security and Scalability
      • Reliability and Dependability
      • Interoperability:
      • Human-Centered Design
      • Continuous Improvement

4. Connect-Detect-Protect is our methodology for employing a structured approach to our progression in electronic componentry and its data management. It will also have details of blue printing our use cases.

Based on the above, we embark on the journey of electronic “breadboarding” in the quest of “buttering up” our process integration to make them harmonious and optimized.


NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist

From ChatGPT

Collaborating with key players in IoT and smart PCB technologies like Arduino and Bosch Sensortec can help you integrate sensors and other electronic components into your solutions, products, and services. This can improve functionality, increase efficiency, and enhance safety.

The Connect-Detect-Protect theme is a great way to think about how these electronic components can be used to create solutions that connect devices, detect and respond to data, and protect users and assets. For example, by integrating sensors into your e-mobility solutions, you can connect your vehicles to the cloud and detect data on things like location, speed, and battery life. This information can then be used to protect the users of the vehicles by ensuring they have enough power to get to their destination safely.

Similarly, by integrating sensors into your smart city services, you can connect devices like traffic lights, parking meters, and waste management systems to the cloud and detect data on things like traffic flow, parking availability, and garbage levels. This information can then be used to protect the citizens of the city by improving traffic flow, reducing congestion, and keeping the streets clean.

Finally, by integrating electronic components into your process automation systems, you can connect machines, detect data on things like temperature and pressure, and protect workers by ensuring the machines are operating safely and efficiently. This can improve productivity, reduce downtime, and keep workers safe.

Overall, collaborating with companies like Arduino and Bosch Sensortec to embed electronic componentry in your solutions, products, and services can help you create connected, efficient, and safe systems that improve the lives of your customers and users.


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