20230608 – Pivoting to the Next – A Conversation with our Advisory Board

This is a compilation of an email conversation with our Advisory Board wherein I have interspersed the responses in a sort of jugalbandhi (coordinated interaction, like in Indian classical music) – so that the entire tome becomes more meaningful.



Salman Rushdie in the Satanic Verses states that to be Born Again, First You Must Die.

We, at Numorpho Cybernetic Sysems, have a different take on it in that we believe that in a singular journey, we can undergo transformation (morphing or metamorphosis) and pivot from one stage to the other. This is similar to what Roger Penrose proposes in his theory about the origins of the big bang, in that our universe’s big bang was the outcome of a prior big bangs and it is all connected:


Dr. Vinekar: The cycles of the Universe I believe are called Kalpa(s) in Indian Cosmogony.

Salmaan Rushdie has a great sense of humor. He takes a dig at everything that sounds irrational. However, reborn for living entities is not the same for nonliving things. Yet his expression is no doubt a truism presuming living beings can be literally and figuratively capable of being reborn.

I believe transforming and metamorphosis are a figurative or symbolic of being reborn. In the nonliving world though mass end energy is theoretically interchangeable the principle of conservation of both is generally true and nothing dies in the nonliving world.

Most profound and poetic rendering of these principles and delightful philosophical discussion is in the Naasadiya Sookta (NS) of Rigveda. Was there really some time when nothing existed? Nothing that exists came from something that did not exist. God created the world concept also has an assumption that he used some previously existing raw material or had the power to create something from nothing. That concept of creation from nothing does not seem to be endorsed in NS. Roger Penrose’s alternate theory is more compatible with ancient Indian cosmogony.

But I digress. In this email, I want to set the stage for our next pivot in business – from themed invention and ideation to innovation, entrepreneurship and business acumen. This was a lesson that one of my mHUB mentors taught me. Paul Luna @Abvee’s favorite quote when we talked was “size of the prize” and “show me the money” as he charted the progression of a startup from inventor, innovator, entrepreneur to an enterprise that means business.

Dr. Vinekar: We have to presume there is a preprogrammed process that is repetitive. This concept of preprogramming can be used to repair or mend a manufactured object or to be fancy to reproduce in the mechanical but not biological sense the same one object like the robot housing EI. Currently they are a far away possibilities in distant future. The question will it be practical or economically feasible?

That is where the comments like size of the prize and show me the money bring us down to ground reality. So no matter how ambitious our projects are the limitation of time, money and resources of all kinds will force us to scale down the manufacturing to the realities of life unless we are like Elon Musk with billions of dollars backing us.


In my last two emails, I have been detailing our Progression in two areas – Smart Manufacturing and Smart Infrastructure, detailed here: https://numorpho.org/progression/

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is key to our genesis where we will be stepping thru our development process in stages where each stage is a valid/viable outcome for show or marketing. In this way we can step thru the complexity of the genesis of the product/system in accountable phases.

Over this weekend, we fast tracked three streams that are key to our progression:

1. A structured process for Product Development. This is being instituted to manage the versions and types of our folding helmet so that artifacts can be got (from designers) and appropriately sent (for analysis, certification, to print farms) with a blockchain like distributed ledger management system that unitizes each part with master data and assembly information so that we can not only track what/where/when so that each atomic unit of the product has an immutable record. Blockchain has recently received a lot of flak due to debacles in the crypto-currency domain, but we see this as a strong red-line (as depicted in our Digital Twine Reference Architecture) that links the lineage of the product from cradle to grave.



The Mobility Products sub-link in the PROGRESSION tab leads to the details of how we are doing it to the Folding Helmet.

2. Outcome Based Modeling (moving beyond Parametric Modeling) – The Computer Aided Design process will be enabled using parameters (no hard coded values) so that changes of the size, shape and type of the helmet are variables that can be changed to accomplish customization. I am working with our designers to constitute this so that we can very quickly get the final product details by following a design pattern/template approach that will be codified into a macro. This will help us churn out helmet adhering to our principle of custom manufactory for mass customization of products.

3. Actionable Intelligence Inference Engine – For the past two years we have been working on a new construct for AI that Dr. Shreekumar and I refer to as Existential Intelligence (EI). I have also been reviewing the amazing progress that Natural Language Processors are doing – like OpenAI and their ChatGPT, and others like AI21 labs. This weekend with the help of a company that is also based in mHUB (Stroma Vision, that we are partnering with on Smart Manufacturing projects) we have successfully achieved Milestone 1 for EI.

Check the full write up for this: Contextual Intelligence using ChatGPT and the future of Engineering Design – EVERYTHING CONNECTED – Numorpho’s Book of Business

The goal was to restrict the AI to a context based on the 5 PDF files from our PURPOSE section and ak it questions. Anything beyond this – like what is the french revolution is out of its bounds of its knowledge. It could also contruct its own questions based on the context, which is pretty amazing.

Dr. Vinekar: In this regard I will need to study the milestone 1 for EI. Regardless, MVP is a complete functional product like Model 1. Blockchain got a bad rap ln handling crypto but it appears to me this was more because of crypto and not because of deficits of blockchain. I will work on grasping the concepts first and will get back with you if I have any meaningful response to offer. Everything looks great so far and hope the first product “sells like hot cake” especially once DOD places it’s order. 

John, you have been asking me about pitch deck – check the points it created when I asked it to summarize a pitch deck in 6 items.

The next step is to enable it to generate code for a specific use case (design of helmet in our case) so that entire process is fully automated.


We have been working on applying for the OpenAI Startup fund for our TAU Codex Transformer, a multi-modal orchestrator for AI, and this will be the basis for it. Four companies are already in the list getting seed funding of upwards of $20 million:Check this initial write up: OpenAI Startup Fund – EVERYTHING CONNECTED – Numorpho’s Book of Business


NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist


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