Smart Helmet Summary

We are in the process of creating a unique helmet that will be customizable to any head shape, additively manufactured and foldable to a small footprint to enable shipping & handling, warehousing and ease of use.
Shown below are three different sizes of the helmet in open and close configurations that we printed using one of our partner 3D print farms to ascertain scaled batch production when the need arises.

NUMO_MHolland_closed NUMO_MHolland_open

We are also utilizing state of the art additive technologies to reinforce the helmets with Kevlar and Carbon fiber to enable military usage of the helmets utilizing our partner Markforged’s unique continuous fiber reinforcement fill.

In addition, we are embedding the helmets with Arduino sensors to holistically provide for what we have termed CONNECT-DETECT-PROTECT that would enable our helmets to be smart beyond just the ability to prevent physical harm by doing location and environment monitoring. This will provide for a data engineering backbone that will enable collaborated connectivity, prediction of behavior using AI/ML and the correct theming of desired outcomes to enable safety, productivity, security and compliance in workforce settings.

Our first use case is for Smart Monitoring utilizing sensors embedded into our Additively Manufactured folding helmets. Albeit there will be different variants of the helmets based on its field use – military, industrial, construction, recreation, well care and others – our first MVP is for industrial worker safety, where data aggregated from multiple helmets (Arduino Nicla sensors) will be sent via Bluetooth for processing on Edge devices and later Wi-Fi/wired transmitted via IoT gateways to the data center or cloud provisioning.

Our goal for this is the systematic and appropriate transfer of data between ingestion and the storage devices so that we can institute actionable intelligence in the feedback loop based on a multi-modal analysis of information for different manufacturing settings – safety, environment, predictability, quality, real time response, etc. monitoring.

We are “prototype under development” but are moving quickly with the need to implement it in conjunction with several of our partners – both sensor providers and innovation centers where there is a lot of industry personnel who visit it on a daily basis.

The smart monitoring done by helmets will coordinate with other devices / smart equipment in place to provide for a holistic view for that particular use case.






We have a lot of background in Aerospace and Automotive and will utilize it in our progression with commercial and DoD implementations with our membership in organizations such as MxD.

Our goal is to enable Smart Monitoring utilizing connected mobile products such as the helmet to enable coordination and appropriate response to conditions – be it for enhanced behavior or for correct response to inclement conditions.

We are integrating these data engineering constructs into our Mantra M5 platform to enable make, manage, move, market and maintain activities in industrial and commercial settings.

NI+IN UCHIL Founder, CEO & Technical Evangelist





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